UK Relay

UK Relay (formerly Next Generation Text Service – NGTS) in the UK uses a relay service to help you communicate over the phone. It’s compatible with landlines, smartphones, tablets and computers.

Just type your message to a relay assistant, who’ll speak it to the person you’re calling. When they reply, you can read it (typed out) on your screen.

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Making calls from textphones

Short dial codes

You can use four prefix numbers with the Text Relay service:

18000 for emergency calls.

18001 if you're hearing or speech impaired and want help from a relay assistant to call any destination. They'll translate text to speech and vice versa.

18002 to call someone who's hearing or speech impaired (you don't have to be hearing or speech impaired yourself to use this).

180015 for landline Text Relay customers using a textphone to contact another textphone user, without the need of a relay assistant.

Note: You can only make calls to 01, 02 and 07 destinations using the 18002 and 180015 prefixes. The main prefix for hard of hearing or speech impaired customers is 18001, from which you should be able to access any destination.


The cost of a text relay call is no more than the equivalent cost of a direct call. A rebate is applied on some calls before the bill is generated, covering the text part of the call, so customers who rely on this service for essential calls aren’t unfairly penalised.

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Last updated: 24 March 2021