Your bill explained

The best way to view your monthly bill is online in My Account. Here you can see details of your usage and charges both for your current bill and for previous bills.

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1. Select bill – choose the bill you want to see from the dropdown list.

2. Bill summary – this section contains a summary total of any unpaid balance from previous bills (balance brought forward) and new charges for this bill. It shows ex VAT, the VAT calculation then inc VAT. It also includes any payments made in the last bill period or credits applied, and the total to pay on the payment due date.

3. New charges – a breakdown of the new recurring and non-recurring charges included in your bill. For subscriptions, the headline price will be displayed and struck through if you have a discount. Call usage is summarised here and details of any one-off fees included in this bill are also present in this section.

4. Bill period – the dates your bill is for.

5. Payment due – the date we will attempt .to collect payment for your bill.

6. Call charges – this is a detailed breakdown of your call usage. Call grouping displays a summary of usage by type, and you can see full details for chargeable usage in the ‘detailed call breakdown’ section.


How to pay your bill

There are currently two ways you can pay your bill each month.

Direct Debit

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay; it’s simple, convenient and efficient and has been approved by the banks to ensure our customers are all fully protected. If you’ve already set up a Direct Debit with us, the payment will be taken on or just after the payment due date.


We accept payments by Visa or Mastercard. If you choose to pay by card, we’ll debit your card on the payment due date each month. To arrange this, call us on 03337 597 590 (charges may apply if you call from a non-Sky line, see below for details).




Can I view my bill online?

Yes, you can see your current and past bills in My Account. Any additions to your bill, such as out-of-bundle call charges, will normally appear on your online bill within 24 hours.

When will I receive my first bill?

Your first bill will be sent within three days of your activation date and your payment will be collected no less than 14 days later.

Why hasn’t the discount I was expecting been applied to my bill?

Check to see if any adjustments have been made to your bill. Also check the billing period as the discount may not have been applied in time to appear on your most recent bill (bills are generated two weeks before your payment due date). If you're still unsure, please get in touch.

I’ve been been charged more than what I was expecting – what should I do??

Check the dates on your bill - it may be that it's been calculated pro rata. There also may be additional call charges (or non-recurring charges if this is how we've referred to them in your bill) that you weren't aware of - take a look at our Tariff Guide. If you're still unsure, please get in touch.

Can I receive a paper bill for my files?

We’re committed to ensuring that we have a minimal impact on the environment so we don't usually send out paper bills. Soon, you'll be able to download and print your bill in My Account but for now, it's best to phone us and ask for a printed bill if you need one.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?

If your Direct Debit or regular card payment doesn’t come through and you haven’t told us about it, we’ll usually try to collect your payment 14 days later. If your payment fails again then your bill will roll over to the following month.

If payment fails again you may be charged a late payment fee or a failed Direct Debit fee.

Why is my monthly charge higher/lower than usual?

In some cases where you’ve started, stopped, or changed your core service or add-ons during a month you may see ‘pro rata’ charges which cover both the main billing period and a ‘part of’ charge from the previous or future month. These will show as an ‘adjustment fee’ on your bill.

Why does my latest bill show call charges from previous months?

We have an highly efficient billing system to ensure we always bill all charges for call usage within your billing period. However, in some circumstances (such as calls made close to our bill runs) we may not be able to ensure this is the case. Where this occurs you may see charges identified in your bill and call records that reflect charges from a previous month.

How do I change my payment details?

You can do this online in My Account. Once you’re signed in, choose your name from the menu at the top of the page and select ‘My details’. You can then change your payment details.

I have the International Calls add-on – how do the minute allocations work?

We’ll allocate the full minute allocation to your account each month and monitor the calls made except where the add-on is starting or finishing part-way through the billing period. In this case, or if you’re a new customer awaiting your first bill, we’ll apply a ‘pro rata’ allocation of minutes for that part of the month. If you exceed your limit during a call you’ll see multiple call records in your bill reflecting the inclusive minutes and the minutes charged via the Sky tariff guide.

We don’t offer an alert to say you’ve exceeded your minute allocation. However you can check your predicted bill in My Account to see any international calls you’ve made.