Static IP schedule


This Package Schedule applies to Customers who have ordered the Static IP Service as an Add-on and includes the applicable terms and conditions. In this Schedule, all terms that are capitalised but not defined have the meanings given in the Standard Terms and Conditions.

Service Description

  • Static IP Service: A single static IP address to enable you to connect a critical business service or application to Sky’s Network more easily and reliably.

Add-on Terms

1.1. The monthly fee for the Static IP Service will be collected at the same time as your monthly Subscription Payments.

1.2. This Static IP Service will be added to your subscription for a minimum term of 30 days. You can remove the Static IP at any time by calling or writing to Sky and giving 30 days’ notice.

1.3. You acknowledge that Sky owns the IP address which shall be allocated to you during the term you have agreed to receive the Static IP Service for

1.4. If you ask for the Static IP Service to be removed from your subscription, or this Agreement is suspended or terminated for any reason, Sky may reassign the IP address to another customer and it will not be possible to allocate the same address to you again if the Service is reactivated or you subsequently return to Sky.

1.5. Should Sky need to change the IP address during the term for any reason Sky will provide you with a reasonable period of notice in advance.

1.6. If you connect a critical service or device to the Static IP Service you acknowledge that if there is a fault with your broadband line that service or device will not be able to connect to the internet until the fault has been resolved even if your Package includes 4G Backup.

1.7. You are responsible for configuring the Static IP Service to connect to your devices or services.

1.8. If the date on which the Static IP Service is added or removed does not align with the date that we collect the Fees and Charges due for this service then Sky will deduct or credit (as applicable) on your next monthly invoice a pro-rata amount of the applicable service fee to reflect the period you received the service. You may see an adjustment fee on your next monthly invoice.

Last updated: 24 March 2021