Named contacts

If you’re the signatory of a Sky Connect account, you can nominate up to four named contacts to help you manage your bills, change your call features and a few other permissions. This is useful to help you free up admin time to focus on your business.

To add new named contacts, or adjust their permissions for billing and call feature management, go to My Account.

Named contact default permissions (all named contacts get these)Named contact granted permissions (optional – you can change these in My Account)Signatory-only permissions (only account signatories can do these)

Add new products and services (add-ons eg International Calls, Static IP) 

Manage billing

Cancel contract, services or products

View current products and services

Manage call and broadband features

Update business details or marketing preferences

Assurance (report issues and discuss with customer services) 

Manage add-ons

Add or remove named contacts

View and update personal details

Manage re-contracting

Grant permissions to other named contacts (manage billing or call and broadband features)

View business details