Retrieve or edit your account details

Want to see your My Account details?

Sign in to My Account and you can view:

  • Your name
  • Your business details, including your business name
  • Key account holder contact details such as name, phone number and email

If you want to change any of these, you can call us on 03337 597 590. Charges may apply to Sky Contact Centres if you’re not an existing Sky Connect, Sky Talk or Sky mobile customer so please check your provider’s tariff guide.


In My Account you can change:

  • Your passphrase - we'll ask you for this if you contact customer services
  • Your marketing preferences, so you can choose how you want us to contact you (text, email, phone or post)


Forgot your Sky Connect account details or want to reset your password?

Choose My Account from the menu at the top of our website. You’ll then have the option to enter your email address and password. Or to reset your password, choose Forgot your password?


Don't have My Account yet?

My Account gives you more control, and makes it easy to manage the details of your account. How to register for My Account.