Connection Pro 4G internet backup

Connection Pro offers secure 4G internet backup as part of Sky Connect's Pro and Max packages. Devices are configured to the 4G backup router. They’ll access the internet, as normal, via your broadband connection.

If your broadband service fails for whatever reason, the 4G backup router automatically switches over to the 4G network to maintain an internet connection. The switch over to 4G is automatic and seamless so you don’t have to do anything except carry on with the day to day running of your business without having to worry about your internet connection.

Our Connection Pro service will be installed by a Sky engineer who ensures all your business-critical devices are connected to the 4G backup router, and that the WiFi and 4G signal strength are optimised for your specific business devices. They’ll also test that the service works in 4G mode so you can rest assured your Connection Pro service is set up and ready to use.

How Connection Pro works

Connection Pro is delivered through an additional business-grade 4G backup router that’s connected to your Sky Broadband Hub. The 4G backup router has a single port to connect your most critical device, while all other business-critical devices that you need to be supported are connected wirelessly.

Once set up by your Sky engineer, the 4G backup router will continuously communicate with the Sky Broadband Hub to ensure broadband is connected. If the Sky Broadband Hub doesn’t respond it will automatically switch over to the 4G cellular network (in less than 30 seconds).

As it’s automatic, you won’t need to do anything – it all happens seamlessly in the background. Your 4G backup router will continue to communicate with your Sky Broadband Hub and as soon as broadband is up and running again it will automatically switch back to your regular broadband connection.

As part of your Advantage Pro or Advantage Max installation, one of our professional engineers will install and test the device, ensuring all of your critical devices are connected.

As part of your As part of your Ultrafast Pro or Ultrafast Max installation, one of our professional engineers will install and test the device, ensuring all of your critical devices are connected.

A mobile SIM card is included in your 4G backup router. This allows it to connect to the 4G mobile network if your standard broadband service connection fails for whatever reason.

4G backup router side view 1

Lights (l-r): The lights on your 4G backup router indicate how each aspect of it is working:

  • Device power indicator (red = on, amber = attention required)
  • WiFi indicator (green = good)
  • Device fault indicator
  • Modem indicator (green/blinking green = connected/connecting to
    internet, amber/blinking amber = no connection, red = resetting)
  • Mobile network signal strength (4 bars = strongest connection)

Services supported by Connection Pro

Connection Pro is intended to keep your critical devices connected to the internet so your business can keep running if your standard broadband connection goes down.

Mobile network connectivity can vary and doesn’t necessarily support all broadband features, so It’s important to work with the Sky engineer who installs your 4G backup router to identify the critical devices you want supported.

Typical capabilities supported by Connection Pro:

  • Access to the internet to send and receive email, download and upload files and communicate with customers.
  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) terminals (payment card machines).
  • Servers running important applications (including non-streaming video eg Network Personal Video Recorders – NPVRs).
  • Remote access – so you can keep in contact with devices on your business premises.

Services not supported by Connection Pro:

Voice and VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol calls will not work while you’re connected to the internet via Connection Pro so you won’t be able to make or receive calls, including calls to emergency services. Due to the variable nature of mobile data, video or audio calls using apps like Teams, Skype, Zoom etc may work inconsistently while you’re connected to the internet via Connection Pro.

Static IP – your Static IP (Internet Protocol) service won’t work while you’re connected to the internet via Connection Pro, since the static IP address is applied to the fixed-network service and not the mobile network.

This could affect some of your devices or services if they rely on the Static IP service including:

  • Self-hosted website, email server, database
  • Streaming security cameras (eg Nest Cam)

Add devices to Connection Pro

If you need to add additional devices to Connection Pro after it’s been installed, you can follow these easy steps.

WiFi connection:

  • Open your device’s WiFi settings and search for your 4G backup router. Once your device has identified the router (the ID number is printed on your 4G backup router and begins IBR600C-), connect it using the network key, which you can also find printed on your 4G backup router.

    Ethernet connection:

  • Connect the device to your 4G backup router’s LAN port using an Ethernet cable. DO NOT use the WAN port – this is only for connecting your 4G backup router to your Sky Broadband Hub.

Disconnect devices from Connection Pro:

WiFi disconnection:

  • Open the device’s WiFi settings and select a different network or ‘forget’ the 4G backup router network (exact settings may vary depending on device).

Ethernet disconnection:

  • Unplug the Ethernet cable from your 4G backup router’s LAN port.

    4G backup router side view 2

Security and Connection Pro

Your business security is important to us so Connection Pro includes a firewall restricting access to sites that are known to be suspicious or associated with malicious activity.

We strongly recommend you take appropriate steps to protect your business from cybercrime, including installing up-to-date antivirus software.




How do I get Connection Pro?

Connection Pro is automatically included in your Advantage Pro or Advantage Max package from Sky Connect.


Do I need to do anything to secure my devices when I switch over to Connection Pro?

No. Connection Pro has a firewall that protects your connected devices against ‘unauthorized’ traffic trying to infiltrate your network. Our standard business broadband security service includes network-level protection which helps to defend against malicious activity, such as phishing or malware-infected sites. So even if your services switch to Connection Pro, you’ll get similar protection.


Why can’t I access some websites when I’m using Connection Pro?

You may see a message to alert you if a website is categorised as a source of malware or phishing. This is because the 4G network has its own security protocols to help protect you and your business. You won’t be able to bypass these security protocols while you’re using Connection Pro.

The 4G backup network is provided by a third party on Sky’s behalf and there may be some differences between the sites you can access on Sky’s network and the 4G network. You’re responsible for the sites you or your users choose to access and so if you don’t believe a website is safe and secure you should stop using it and tell Sky immediately.