Static IP

An IP address is the address your device is assigned when it connects to the internet, a bit like a postcode, so other users can find you online. It’s an add-on to your broadband service with a fixed monthly charge.

Your broadband service will have public IP (internet protocol) addresses assigned by your provider – Sky. These are numbers which identify your computer each time you go online. They’re usually allocated dynamically, so they change each time you connect. But for some services, such as web hosting or internet-linked CCTV cameras, it’s very useful if you have a single IP address which remains ‘static’ and doesn’t change. That’s why we’re offering our Static IP service.

Why you might need a static IP address

A static IP address allows the outside world to connect to you more easily and reliably, with consistent public addresses assigned to your service. For example, if you plan to run servers for your website, email, an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site for sharing files or secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), static IP ensures the internet address of that server will not change.

Benefits of a static IP address

A static IP address is a top requirement for small businesses which use the internet. Benefits include:

  • Website hosting – you’ll need one if you want to set up a server to host your own website, rather than having it sit on someone else’s server.
  • Receiving direct emails – with a static IP address you can set up an email server and get more control over your messages.
  • Internet-connected CCTV – closed-circuit TV cameras with internet access are more easily monitored via a static IP address.
  • Remote access – so you can log in to your computer securely wherever you are.

Get Static IP

Static IP is an easy add-on to your broadband package.

New customers: Request Static IP when you set up your broadband account – we’ll do the rest.

Existing customers: Call us on 03337 594 833.




Do I need to have broadband from Sky?

Yes, to have the Static IP service, you need to be on a Sky Connect broadband service.


How long does it take to activate Static IP?

If you’re a new customer: it will activate at the same time as your Sky Connect broadband service.

If you’re an existing customer: you can request a static IP address at any time, and it will usually go live within 24-48 hours.


Will I still have a dynamic IP?

No, your static IP address replaces dynamic IP addressing for your broadband service. Dynamic addressing will still work for your devices (ie computers, tablets, phones etc on your office network) but the address of the broadband service will not change.


Do I need any extra equipment to get Static IP from Sky?

No, you don’t need any new equipment besides your Sky Broadband Hub.


Can I order more than one static IP?

No. Today, Sky only offers one static IP per customer.


Does Sky offer both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?

Yes, you’ll get assigned both an IPv4 and IPv6 set of addresses.


How long can I have Static IP for?

As long as you like – we’ll add the service on a rolling monthly basis. You can cancel whenever you like with 30 days’ notice.


Will Static IP work with Connection Pro 4G backup?

You can have Static IP and Connection Pro 4G backup active on the same broadband service, but static IP addresses are used only through the fixed-line network and won’t work with our Connection Pro 4G backup service (which uses a different service IP address).

This means that even though devices configured to your 4G Backup Router will still be able to access the internet, you may lose access to services enabled by Static IP, including remote access to your office server, or to CCTV cameras which you’ll be unable to view in real time.


Can I share with other businesses or people?

No, the static IP addresses are assigned to only one service (line) at a time.


Can I add or remove Static IP at any point in my contract?

Yes, you can add Static IP any time. We can do this immediately and the service will usually go live within 24-48 hours. You may have to reboot your router to switch over to Static IP.

We’ll need 30 days’ notice to remove your Static IP service. Once your static IP address is removed, we won’t be able to give you the same address again.


How do I turn on my static IP address?

If you're a new customer: Static IP will start as soon as your broadband service is up and running.

If you're an existing customer: reboot your router to activate your Static IP.

Note: In extreme cases it may take up to 48 hours for your static IP address to become active.


Where can I find my static IP address?

You can see your static IP address in ‘My Account’ on our website and in any Static IP emails we send you. There are two types, IPv4 and IPv6 – you’ll be assigned both types by Sky.

An IPv4 address is normally written as four decimal numbers (0-255), each separated by a dot, for example: An IPv6 address uses eight groups of four hexadecimal values (0-9, a-f) separated by colons, for example: 2a02:0b7f:4a21:a400:79d3:b4fb:a726:0627


My static IP address doesn’t match what it says in My Account. What should I do?

Check your static IP addresses using your Sky Broadband Hub’s web GUI (type into your web browser’s search bar).

If the IPv4 address or IPv6 prefix (first 56 bits) don’t match what it says in My Account or in our emails to you, switch off your router for ten seconds. Restart and check again.

If the issue remains, contact Sky Connect customer support.