VoiceEdge call features

There’s a range of call features available in our broadbands packages. You can change many of these business features easily online in My Account.

If you haven't already, here's how to register for My Account.


These are the features available across our packs


Simultaneous ring (Plus pack users)

Send incoming calls to multiple landlines or mobile numbers

Set up another number to ring at the same time as your main phone – so you’re always available even when you’re out and about. You can include five numbers to ring at the same time, including a mobile number, and change them whenever you like.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Image - Simultaneous ring

Sequential ring (Pro pack users)

Set incoming calls to be answered by specific people in & out of your business

You can set up a series of phone numbers that a call will be passed to if you don’t pick up your main phone. Each number can ring for up to five seconds before moving to the next one. The call will only pass to the numbers if the incoming caller stays on the line.

You can add up to ten numbers, including mobile. There may be charges if any of the numbers aren’t included in your packages eg international numbers.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Image - Sequential ring

Call forwarding

You can forward calls to another number. Set your call forwarding preference to: Always (Pro & Plus packs) Busy (Pro & Plus packs) No answer (Pro & Plus packs) Not reachable (All packs) Calls will go to voicemail by default if you don’t answer, unless you set up a call forwarding option.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Always: Every inbound call will be diverted away from your main number to your chosen number.

Busy: Calls that come into your main number while you’re on the phone will be automatically forwarded to your chosen number.

No answer: Calls that come into your main number and not answered within 20 seconds will be forwarded to your chosen number.

Not reachable: Calls that come into your main number but can’t be delivered to your handset will be forwarded to your chosen number.

Image - Call forwarding

Call forwarding (Pro & Plus pack users)

You can also manage your call forwarding options using quick codes from your phone handset.

Call featureAlwaysBusyNo answerNot reachableConfigurable

Activate with existing number






Activate with a new number

*21* (number)

*22* (number)

*23* (number)

*24* (number)







Show call forwarding status





Activate voicemail number




Deactivate  voicemail number






Voicemail and message waiting alert (available across all packs)

If you miss a call and you haven’t chosen any forwarding options, the call will automatically go to voicemail. To play back voicemail messages, manage greetings, set up email notifications and reset your voicemail PIN or password, dial 1571. The first time you use voicemail you’ll be asked to record a new greeting or review the default Sky greeting.

If you have a message waiting in your inbox you’ll hear a stuttered tone when you pick up your phone or you can opt to receive a text message alert.

When you first access your voicemail menu, you can press:

  • 1 to listen to saved messages
  • 2 to record or change your greeting
  • 3 to adjust settings such as your PIN
  • 0 for help

After you’ve pressed 1 to access your voicemail messages, you can press:

  • 1 to save a message
  • 3 to delete a message
  • 4 to return to a previous message
  • 6 to go to the next message
  • ** to return to the main menu

Each voicemail box can hold up to 20 messages and will keep them saved for 30 days.

Voicemail PIN reset

As the account holder, you can reset your voicemail PIN number in My Account.

When you press the button to request a new PIN, it will automatically be generated and sent to you via email. You can then use the new PIN to log in and change the PIN to any numbers you choose.

Image - Voicemail PIN reset


Anonymous call rejection, available across all our packs

Automatically reject calls from caller ID-blocked numbers. Callers who block the display of their caller ID are told that you’re not accepting blocked calls and that they can unblock their information and dial you again.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Phone quick code – enable: *63; disable: #63

Image - Anonymous call rejection

Call barring, available across all our packs

Allows you to bar the types of numbers you can call such as mobile, international, special rate and premium rate services (eg 09 numbers) that could otherwise incur higher call cost.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Image - Call barring

Call waiting, Plus pack users only

If you’re on the phone and a second call comes in, you’ll hear a call waiting tone. You’ll see the number and the name of the second caller if it’s available and this feature is supported by your device.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Phone quick code – enable: *64; disable: #64

Image - Call waiting

Call line ID blocking, across all packs

Make anonymous calls by blocking your phone number.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Phone quick code – enable per call: *60 (number); enable for all calls: *61; disable for all calls: #61; allow a call when persistent blocking enabled: *62 (number)

Image - Call line ID blocking

Do not disturb, Plus pack uses only

Incoming calls are rerouted to your voicemail without a single ring, whether you’re at your desk or away from your office.

You can update this feature in My Account.

Phone quick code – enable: *82; disable: #82

Image - Do not disturb

Group services

Hunt groups (Plus pack)

Set incoming calls to ring multiple internal extensions

A hunt group directs an incoming call to a group of numbers, each of which can answer the call. Numbers need to be included in your voice service from Sky, so you can’t include mobile numbers, for example. There are four ways to do this:

  • Simultaneous – The call rings all the numbers in the group at once. The first to answer gets the call.
  • Circular – The call goes to phone 1, then phone 2 etc. If the final phone isn’t answered it will ring phone 1 again and repeat the sequence.
  • Uniform – The call goes to the phone that’s been idle longest.
  • Regular – The call goes to phone 1, then phone 2 etc but unlike circular, the call will stop if the final phone isn’t answered.

You can update this feature in My Account. Click Group services to see your hunt groups.

Image - Hunt groups

If a call isn’t answered it can be delivered to a dedicated group voicemail which anyone in the group can access if they have permission. To access your hunt group voicemail, dial 1572.

We can provide one hunt group with voicemail for a single site.



Inbound calls

Call delivery inbound (All packs)

View incoming number

Extension dialling (All packs)

Call an internal extension. If you ordered multiple lines, we’ll set up extension dialling by default so you can call others in your organisation without dialling the full number.

Extensions are set up as 45 (extension number) eg 4501 for phone 1, 4502 for phone 2 etc.

Call pick-up (Pro pack only)

Pick up calls to other extensions, By default all your phone lines are added to the call pick-up group.

Phone quick code – enable/disable: *80

Call transfer (All packs)

Transfer incoming answered calls to another extension. During the call, push the ‘Recall – R’ button on your handset. This will put the caller on hold and you can then do a:

Blind transfer – transfer to a dialled number: Dial the number or extension while the caller is on hold and hang up. The call will then ring through to the number you dialled.

Note: you can’t retrieve the call so it’s best to explain to the caller that you’ll put them through to the line for them to leave a message if the user doesn’t answer.

Consultative transfer – speak to the person on the dialled number before transferring the call to them:

Note: If your handset doesn’t have a ‘Recall – R’ button you can still transfer calls by ‘flashing’ (pushing the plunger of the phone once, quickly and gently) to put the caller on hold.

3-way calling (Pro pack)

Connect another number to the conversation you’re having to create a mini conference call for up to three lines.

During a call, push the ‘Recall – R’ button on your handset. This will put the first caller on hold. Then dial the other number you want to bring into the call. When they answer, push the ‘Recall – R’ button again to begin your 3-way conference call.



Outbound calls

Call return (All packs)

Last inbound call return.

Listen to the number of the last person that called you. This is enabled by default.

Phone quick code – enable: *81 then dial 1 to automatically call the last number.

Call return – deletion

To delete the last number that called you.

Phone quick code – *84

Last number redial (All packs)

Redial the last number you dialled.

Phone quick code – enable/disable: *83 (or redial button if your phone has one)




How do I test my VoiceEdge call features?

All of our VoiceEdge call features are designed to be easy to set up and use. But if you want to be sure, try each of the features you require in turn to check if your calls are behaving as you expect them to.

If you’re having issues, check that you’ve enabled the features in My Account or used the appropriate quick codes on your handset. You can find details in the feature descriptions on this page.

Do my VoiceEdge calls use the internet?

Yes. Our voice service uses digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transfer and manage calls. This is what enables your advanced voice features. However, the last stage of an outbound call connection may transfer to a mobile or analogue phone network to reach the phone you’re calling.

How many people can I have on a conference call?

Our phone services allow for a maximum of three people on a conference call.

How many hunt groups can I set up?

To ensure a streamlined and efficient service we only provide one hunt group with voicemail for a single site.

At present, you can use the Call features section of My Account to control these call features:

  • Simultaneous ring (Plus pack)
  • Sequential ring (Plus pack)
  • Call forwarding (All packs)
  • Voicemail PIN reset (All packs)
  • Anonymous call rejection (All packs)
  • Call barring (All packs)
  • Call waiting (Plus pack)
  • Do not disturb (Plus pack)
  • Hunt groups (Plus pack)

Which VoiceEdge call features can I only change on my phone?

  • Voicemail settings (All packs)
  • Call pick-up (Plus pack)
  • Call transfer (All packs)
  • 3-way calling (Pro pack)
  • Caller line ID presentation outbound
  • Call return
  • Last number redial

Someone’s made a change to my VoiceEdge call features – how do I find out who?

If you notice a change to one of your voice features, first check My Account – the call features section includes a log of who’s made changes to your features, including time and date. A named account user may have made the change or if a change has been made by Sky you’ll see ‘Sky Agent’.

All changes made via My Account are logged, but if changes are made through the phone using star services, this may need a little more investigation. If you still can’t identify the change, contact us.