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Ultrafast business broadband has arrived

Welcome to our fastest and most reliable business broadband – powered by a Full Fibre connection.

Full Fibre from Sky Connect

You’re nearly there to experiencing Full Fibre from Sky Connect. Ultra flexible, ultra reliable & ultra simple broadband with our Ultrafast Pro and Max packages.


Stay in control with flexible ultrafast speeds up to 500Mbps


Better connected to customers, payment systems & cloud services


Our dedicated UK team are on hand to ensure a simple switch

Your installation and what to expect

Before and during your installation date there will be a few things to check, helping your install experience to be as smooth as possible.

What’s in your Sky Connect box?

Before your Full Fibre is installed, your Sky Broadband Hub and Voice Hub will be sent to you. You must self-install your Sky Connect equipment and your account manager will call to confirm this is up and running. If you have switched to Ultrafast Pro or Max, a Sky engineer must install your 4G backup router.

Full installation guide

Understanding permissions

Depending on the type of property your business is in, you may need modification permissions. If your business is in a rented building, you should ensure you have permission from your landlord and/or the necessary authority to approve any works before the engineer arrives.

Permission to drill Someone needs to be present who has permission to show the engineer where to install the ONT and confirm they’re happy for drilling to take place. They must be over 18 and have the authority to give permission. The Openreach engineer will ask them to sign and confirm they’re happy with the installation.

Permission to work: The Openreach engineer may discover they need to do some further work to complete the order e.g., drilling holes to fix a ladder so they can work safely. They won’t know this until they visit the site on the day of installation. If additional work is required, you (or the building owner) will need a permission to work form by Openreach. This will need to be signed and returned before installation takes place.

Wayleave permission:The engineer may also discover that some physical Openreach equipment needs to be installed on private land such as a pole or new ducts. In this instance, Openreach will send the customer (or building owner) a Wayleave agreement to sign.

Your Full Fibre installation

Watch our video to see what Openreach engineers will need to install your Full Fibre service.

Get ready for Full Fibre

From first steps to job done, here’s all you need to know about what will happen on your installation day.

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