Connection Pro 4G internet backup

The UK’s only business-grade 4G backup service for small businesses*. If your broadband should ever drop, our 4G backup automatically kicks in. So your internet connection stays up and running.

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Choose the only business-grade 4G internet backup service for small businesses

We know that any interruption to your service is a big deal. Connection Pro is designed to help keep your business on its feet. Want to know more? Call us today on 03337 594 833.

Stay connected

Our small but powerful 4G router constantly monitors your fixed broadband connection, automatically switching to a 4G mobile network connection should your broadband service drop.

Keep your critical devices connected

Make sure your business-critical devices stay connected, even in the event of a broadband outage. It’s a seamless switch, keeping it business as usual for your devices you really need.

Stay protected and secure

We know how important it is to keep everything safe. The network-level firewall on your 4G internet backup router helps keep you protected from phishing and malware-infected sites even if your primary broadband goes down.

Superfast broadband speeds

Download speeds up to
Upload speeds up to


Superfast broadband and digital phone line.

£35.10 a month
for 24 or 36 months, £39 thereafter.



Superfast broadband, digital phone line and always-on internet with 4G backup.

£49.50 a month
for 24 or 36 months, £55 thereafter.


Superfast broadband, up to 4 digital phone lines and always-on internet with 4G backup.

£95 a month
for 24 or 36 months

Prices ex VAT. Plus £12 postage and packaging. For more contract length options, call us.

Business broadband and phone

**Superfast** broadband connection and VoiceEdge’s 24 digital call features mean you need never miss a call again.

Always-on internet

If your broadband connection goes down, even for a minute, your internet stays up via 4G mobile connection -

Multiple lines

Build your business with up to four digital phone lines (just tell us how many you need when you order).

We believe businesses deserve better

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