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Speed Flex

Sometimes you just need more. Add Speed Flex to go beyond superfast.. Way beyond

SAVE £312


£16.95 a month
For 24 months PLUS free delivery.



£26.95 a month
For 24 months PLUS free delivery & installation.


£49.95 a month
For 24 months PLUS free delivery & installation.

Speeds up to

Superfast packs offer speeds up to 76Mbps. Ultrafast packs offer speeds up to 150Mbps. Full Fibre available to 9% of UK businesses.












Speed Flex up to 500Mbps

Get the most from your Ultrafast package with Speed Flex. Choose between download speeds of up to 300Mbps or 500Mbps.

4G Backup

If your broadband connection goes down, even for a minute, our 4G backup router kicks-in to keep you online.

Digital Phone Lines

Digital phone service with an option to add additional phone lines. You can have up to 4 digital phone lines on any pack.

with 12 voice features


with 16 voice features


all 22 voice features

Unlimited UK calls

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What is Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is the future of broadband. That’s because Full Fibre connects businesses directly to the exchange using only fibre optic cabling. This removes the traditional copper cable between roadside cabinets and premises that’s often used today. So your connection is faster and more reliable.

Our Ultrafast packages deliver faster speeds across multiple devices. Your business will get leading-edge connectivity, reliable payment transactions, speedier downloads & faster access to cloud applications. You won’t have to worry, with fewer chances of connection dropouts or stuttering.

We connect you to our broadband network in two ways. Full Fibre connects fibre optic cable straight from the exchange to your business. Standard Fibre connects fibre optic cable to the street cabinet & then a copper wire to your business.

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