Static IP

When your business is growing you need the best technology to get to where you want to be.

A Static IP address from Sky Connect lets you run your small business your way.

Add a static IP address for just £3 per month - call us today on 03337 594 833.

Connecting to your business from the outside world

We know just how important it is to keep business running as usual. And when new requirements crop up, flexibility is essential. Looking to run your own servers, host a website, or access your CCTV over the internet? Having your own static IP address can help.

Want to know more? Call us today on 03337 594 833.

Secure remote access to your computer

A static IP address means you can easily set up remote access to your computer. Then you can have access to your business whenever and wherever you want.

Host your website or email server

From hosting your website or email server, or seamlessly transferring files, a static IP address is your essential helping hand.

Enhanced on-premises security

A static IP address will help you keep everything secure by allowing you to view CCTV footage remotely over a consistent network connection.

Superfast broadband speeds

Download speeds up to
Upload speeds up to


Superfast broadband and digital phone line.

£35.10 a month
for 24 or 36 months, £39 thereafter.



Superfast broadband, digital phone line and always-on internet with 4G backup.

£49.50 a month
for 24 or 36 months, £55 thereafter.


Superfast broadband, up to 4 digital phone lines and always-on internet with 4G backup.

£95 a month
for 24 or 36 months

Prices ex VAT. Plus £12 postage and packaging. For more contract length options, call us.

Business broadband and phone

**Superfast** broadband connection and VoiceEdge’s 24 digital call features mean you need never miss a call again.

Always-on internet

If your broadband connection goes down, even for a minute, your internet stays up via 4G mobile connection -

Multiple lines

Build your business with up to four digital phone lines (just tell us how many you need when you order).

We believe businesses deserve better

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